Contributing to the world through molding technology for composite materials.

Our company puts a lot of effort behind molding of cutting-edge carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), which is used as a weight-saver in products throughout many industries.
From the cars and motorbikes of the automotive industry to drones and aircraft, machines that travel to space or under water, the lightweight composite bipedal walker equipment used in the medical field, many different products use this because they need material that is both stronger and lighter.

President's Message

"Once in a lifetime opportunity"
UCHIDA continue to challenge new field and aims for further development.

We have five policies. "Respect" "Dreams" "Independence" "Equality" and "Trust".
Over the years, we have learned that an organization cannot be established even if one of them is missing.

We are sure there are many hurdles that we must overcome in the future as we take on the challenge of expanding our business into multiple fields.

However, for the purpose of delivering pleasure and joy to the world by making the most of the knowledge and technological development using composite materials, we would like to keep challenging together with employees who continue to try difficult tasks and to create innovation.

We are very proud of the time and efforts dedicated by all employees.
We look forward to your continued support and cooperation in the future.


Our Policy


A corporate organization that runs on a reverence for people (equality, independence and trust).


Those without dreams have no ideals. Those without ideals have no beliefs.
Those without beliefs have no plans. Those without plans do nothing.
Those without actions produce no results. Those without results have no happiness.
Those who pursue happiness are therefore not without dreams.

The 7 Lessons of Dreams by Eiichi Shibuzawa


Proactively nourish your knowledge and technical understanding, and act with originality and ingenuity based on trial and error.


Work together regardless of race, age or experience, and give everyone equal opportunity.


Work together, learn together and support each other with the spirit of Team Uchida.

Our Rules

The Employees' Vow

We continuously challenge ourselves through the technology development of composite materials that will contribute to the world's happiness. We make our best efforts to deliver our products at a fair price.

5 Action Policies

Respect others; value teamwork.
Communicate with empathy.
Pay attention to time at work and for the customers.
Demonstrate your ideas and thoughts with vigor.
Support each other with humility.

Company Information

Company Information

Company Name Uchida Co., Ltd.
Year of establishment October, 1968
Capital 50 million yen
President Toshikazu Uchida
Employees 45 (as of November 1, 2018)
Head office:
2048-1, Kamitome, Miyoshi-machi, Iruma-gun, Saitama, 354-0045 Japan
TEL +81-49-274-3030
FAX +81-49-274-3031
1440-2, Ohi Musahino, Fujimino-shi, Saitama, Japan


  • Founded Uchida Kougei as a self-employed small business in Ohi-machi, Saitama, Japan.

  • Moved to new factory due to the need for mass production and manufacturing large-sized parts.

  • Concluded a contract for prototype of two-wheel parts for racing.
  • Started mass production of large-sized vehicles parts

  • Started aero parts development and manufacture

  • The factory relocation for expanding, moved to Oimusashino
  • Introduction of Medium-sized autoclave
  • Concluded of a contract for prototype of four-wheel parts, and started manufacturing prototypes of Formura1.
  • Extended factory-2 for introduction of measuring instruments and NC machining with related equipment.

  • Introduction of large-sized and small-sized autoclave equipment, and established 2nd clean room.
  • Started development of SUPER GT and racing parts for both domestic and overseas rac.

  • Started development for aircraft related parts
  • Started to development for aircraft related parts
  • Started by the divisional system consisting of two wheel, four wheel, and aircraft
  • Participate in the next-generation vehicles and defense aircrafts by each nation project
  • To change the company name to Uchida Co., LTD. , and started as manufacturer of composite
  • Newly established Uchida Kougei Ltd. As a manufacturing company
  • Toshikazu Uchida appointed to be president of UCHIDA Co. Ltd. and Uchida Kogei Co., Ltd.

  • Established new factory in Miyoshi-machi (Head office factory)
  • (Aerospace Sector) Certification of JIS Q 9100 : 2004 / JIS Q 9001 : 2008 (ISO 9001 : 2008)

  • Awarded [300 companies making good things] from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

  • Visited the Governer of Saitama Prefecture Ueda
  • Started to molding the largest aerospace parts in Japan
  • Introduction of composite material design analysis, and inspection visit by Enterprise Committee of Industrial Labour

  • Support Agreement as an official partner of HRC, and approval of plans for management innovation
  • Delivered the 1st Prototype parts to foreign helicopter manufacturer

  • Uchida Kougei was merged into Uchida Corporation in Miyoshi-machi

  • The 45th anniversary of Uchida Corporation
  • Passed the Audit by VOLKSWAGEN・AUDI
  • Announced the Agusta Westland's Rotor Blade to the world
  • Received an award of excellence from IHI Aerospace Co., Ltd.
  • The CEO enrolled in Graduate School for getting a PhD.
  • First time to exhibit at International Paris Air Show
  • Introduced a press molding system for advanced composite materials

  • The GROVER E. BELL Award was given to Agusta Westland Project Zero Team, which UCHIDA joined as one of 16 suppliers.
  • Begins joint development with Automobill Lamborghini ACSL

  • Exhibit at the International Paris Air Show
  • Exhibit at COMPAMED2015, International Trade Fair for High-tech Solutions in Medical Technology/Composition Exhibition
  • Introduced a press mold system for advance composite materials


  • Received the Saitama Global Award in the World Challenge category from Saitama Prefecture
  • Appointed Goodwill Ambassador for Saitama Prefecture
  •  Won a Technology Award in the Medical Device Experimental Development Contest

  • Company celebrated 50th anniversary
  • Designated a Model Company for Management Innovation by Saitama Prefecture
  • Received the Saitama Sangyojin Club Chairman Award for the Saitama Challenge Business Owners
  • Designated as future driver for the regional development by Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry.