We support totally , design, manufacturer, painting, and after sales support.

Flow to the completion of the swing arm made of carbon

  • Consulting

    We discuss sufficiently with our customers, and designing prototypes or products that maximize the skills and knowledges of Uchida.

  • Design

    A target and a concept are narrowed down and a completion image is designed based on an illustration or data.

  • Design / Analysis

    3D CAD/CAM is used and the products design which employed material characteristics is performed.

  • Jig manufacuturing

    Selects Jig materials from CFRP, low-shrinkage resin, artificial wood, silicon, and metal, to manufacturing high-precision Jig is made for finished product.

  • Lamination

    Thorough management of the temperature and humidity of a material, and a cutting plotter performs exact cutting.

  • Fabrication

    We molded to suit the characteristics of materials and programs, with using autoclave (2 sets) and oven (4 sets).

  • Secondary elaboration

    Machining using carefully hand finishing, and a 5 axis processing machine by a craftsman is used properly and processed according to a demand.

  • Paint

    We offers high-quality finish by the paint and cutting sheet technology which have been for years.

  • Inspection

    In each manufacturing process, with the nondestructive test machine or the three-dimensional measuring instrument, verification is ensured and it is striving for the guarantee of a high-quality product.

  • Shipment

    We send the product which craftsmen made to you quickly and certainly.

  • After sales support

    Against the products delivered that we listens to a customer's opinion and make it always good service.